Research and development workshop

The matter of the classical collections (Menotti Collection) joins together with Lab®, the in-house innovative research and development workshop dedicated to architects, designers and final customers: we aim to develop with them personal tailored projects.
Founded in 2005, it is the natural evolution of an innate vocation for research and 90 years of experience in customised products. Lab® is a sharing of knowledge, synergic collaboration between company and designers, innovation, cutting-edge technology and a custom service. An innovative approach, to satisfy any project requirement.
Lab® goes beyond the traditional concept of covering, usually seen as a separate element parallel to furnishings, providing a complex articulated range of articles that gives indoor surfaces a role as style matrix.
While wood is the main material used in Lab® experimentation, more recent forays into lighting and colour have featured its interaction with other materials and elements.
Lab® owes its success to team work. A research group made up of designers and master craftsmen work together on a single task to guarantee control and constant dialogue between idea and production.


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