Wood Species

Choose your own wood

The main aim of our service is to meet our customers’ needs, offering them a huge choice.
Each room has its own characteristics and requirements, to which different styles and solutions can be adapted. Every room stimulates emotions that can be studied and found in a certain wood, personalised and produced by combining different factors.
Giving our customers a unique, unrepeatable product is one of our greatest satisfactions. Everybody who comes to us is given the chance to personalise their floor with the wood they prefer, the essential element that all our production is based on.
Wood, its essence and unique veins are the main players on our stage.
At Menotti Specchia we start with the choice of material and allow total personalisation of the customer’s surface. Our team advises customers in selection of the format to be used and the kind of production process, which will give the wood its unique, well-defined characteristics. A selection of different treatments also allows our customers to choose not their favourite aesthetic result but also how they will care for their wood. Finally, attention to detail and selection of finishes add that extra touch and create the ideal room.