Designed by Nicola Giardina Papa

VIBRATO is the poetic interpretation of how a tree grows: the circles of the rings inside its trunk are transformed into the linear formality of design, bringing together two different kinds of wood. Vibrato is ideal for flexible, simple, customized layouts. Its particular resistance, stability and endurance make this product perfect even for public areas and contemporary design projects that enhance the warmth of wood.

2-layers floor and wall covering

Length 400/600 mm; width 80/100 mm
Thickness: 11 mm

Wooden species:
Vibrato 01: American Maple and African Doussiè
Vibrato 02: Wengé and Cherry
Vibrato 03: Maple and Cabreuva
Vibrato 04: Beech Vap. and Wengè
On request other wooden species can be matched together.

Transparent varnish. Recommended for those wanting a natural, design- oriented effect. We can supply the product in different gloss degrees or in other features by request, such as anti- bacterial treatment or high-resistance finish.

Transparent eco-friendly oil, it doesn’t contain nor water neither solvents 0% VOC. Easy to restore and to maintain, it gets better over time, giving a warm sensation to the floorings and coverings.

sanded, no varnish
It is produced with a medium/fine sandpaper, to avoid the need to sand once laid. Recommended for renovation work, floors with special decorations and inlays (which require finishing after laying) and for those wanting to decide the finish of their floor only after it has been laid.

Laying: glueing installation.
Underfloor heating system: in all wooden species this collection can be installed in rooms with underfloor heating system.


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