Designed by Paolo Cappello

The innovative asymmetrical rhombus shape of the slats creates a fascinating optical effect: the surface no longer appears smooth, but seems to come to three-dimensional life, with fragmented lines which change as you approach or retreat.
A unique effect, for highly individual and aesthetic project.

2-layers flooring and wall covering

length 600 mm; width 220 mm
Thickness: 14 mm

Bevelled on 4 sides
Right and left pieces, tongue and groove joints

Wooden species: European Oak.

Transparent varnish. Recommended for those wanting a natural, design- oriented effect. We can supply the product in different gloss degrees or in other features by request, such as anti- bacterial treatment or high-resistance finish.

varnish Natural effect
Specifically designed to enhance the naturalness of wood and to keep all its features unchanged as the same time.
Furthermore, this special varnish will guarantee resistance and protection to the wooden surface as in the most classic finishes.

Transparent eco-friendly oil, it doesn’t contain nor water neither solvents 0% VOC. Easy to restore and to maintain, it gets better over time, giving a warm sensation to the floorings and coverings. 

sanded, no varnish

It is produced with a medium/fine sandpaper, to avoid the need to sand once laid. Recommended for renovation work, floors with special decorations and inlays (which require finishing after laying) and for those wanting to decide the finish of their floor only after it has been laid.

Laying: glueing installation.
Underfloor heating: suitable for underfloor heating.



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