“Quality is our passion, finishes our attention and style our mission” 

Wooden floor with passion since 1926
Quality, experience and specialization are our strong points.
We have been working in the world of wood for over 90 years, enthusiastically pursuing elegance and well-finished details to deliver a perfect product, one able to make your room unique and inimitable.

Masters of our materials
We take our daily inspiration from the company’s own history, putting all the knowhow we have acquired over the years at the service of our customers.
In the many years that Menotti Specchia has been a solid production reality, we have become masters of our materials, their inherent characteristics and how they must be treated.

Communicate the passion for wood
Our company is made up of people who have turned their job into a passion.
From laying that first floor to date, nothing has ever changed our mission and our vision of wood as a refined product for decorating and improving our living environment: not just a material, but a refined product that is able to enrich every environment and make it better, making it a place “to live” and not just a place “to inhabit”.


Love for wood since 1926
The story of Menotti Specchia started in 1926 in Prestrane (Slovenia), a story of love for wood and attention to details.
In 1944 the company came to Italy , to San Bonifacio (Verona). Over the years the company has become synonymous with tradition and experience, teamed with a desire for innovation.
2005 in fact saw the birth of XiLab, a state-of-the-art R&D laboratory for design of projects with a high innovative content.
In 2017, the company faced radical change, reinterpreting its role in the world of wood while preserving its passion intact.
Starting from 2018, the attention of Menotti Specchia for the sustainability of materials leads to the inclusion of Bamboo flooring in its product range.