17th July 2019

Designed for outdoor living, Decking Menotti Specchia is dedicated to those who love the special atmosphere of outdoor spaces, but do not want to give up the warmth and magical elegance that only a wooden floor can give, to those who want to live outdoors without giving up functionality and style.
Menotti Specchia Decking can be adapted to any type of outdoor environment - garden, swimming pool, veranda, terrace - and is also ideal for indoor environments, such as bathrooms, spas and wellness areas.

How to make the right choice? 
"The choice of an outdoor wooden decking floor needs further in-depth analysis to understand which is the best product according to one's own needs. The first consideration is to choose a noble and stable wood, such as Ipè, Teak, Thermo-treated Ash or Eucalyptus "

Gabriele Godi | CEO