12th February 2020

Oiled or varnished parquet?
We are often asked for the differences between these two finishes.
So here is a short guide that highlights their main features.

Oiled finish
This finish impregnates the wood fibers, nourishing it and preserving the physical and aesthetic characteristics of the essence. The process makes the surface opaque and gives the rooms a feeling of warmth and naturalness.
The main advantages are:

  • less visible scratches
  • the surface is wear-proof and long-lasting
  • maintaining a natural appearance
  • in the event of defects or accidental damage, it is possible to intervene locally
  • it does not require, except in rare cases, re-sanding operations

Varnished finish

Unlike the oiled finish, through this process a layer of transparent varnish is applied to the parquet which becomes a real protective film.
Here are the main advantages:

  • it allows the choice of the gloss degree
  • the protective layer increases the resistance of the surface, protecting it from wear, stains, scratches and liquids
  • it does not require specific maintenance