13th May 2020

STOP the proliferation of germs thanks to our sanitizing and anti-bacterial additive for a deeply disinfected home.

Living in a clean and healthy environment and the careful cleaning of domestic environments are of primary importance, especially in this period of sanitary emergency.

Our sanitizing additive for wooden surfaces comes to your rescue by giving you excellent support for ordinary cleaning, for an always impeccable and disinfected home. In fact, its sanitizing characteristics resist over time, becoming an effective microbiological protective barrier against enemies of hygiene such as germs and bacteria.

Thanks to the mineral nature of this solution, the silver ions maintain their condition unaltered because they don’t evaporate and the microparticles encapsulated in a glass matrix cannot be removed during cleaning.
This powerful additive does not alter the characteristics of the wooden material or its varnishing, but rather reinvigorates it and restores its splendor.

This additive is ideal for public environments with high hygienic standards such as dental offices, restaurants, saunas and swimming pools and it is excellent for domestic environments such as bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms as it has been studied and formulated with total respect for the environment and people living in it, therefore also suitable for contact with food and does not pose any danger to health.