Varnish natural effect

25th October 2018

Natural effect without compromises
Today we present a new finish specifically designed to enhance the naturalness of wood and to keep all its features unchanged as the same time.
Furthermore, this special varnish will guarantee resistance and protection to the wooden surface as in the most classic finishes.

catalogue LAB

3rd October 2018

LAB: the innovation at Menotti Specchia
LAB is the innovative research and development laboratory of Menotti Specchia, created with the aim of offering to architects, interior designers and end customers the opportunity to develop tailored projects.
Discover the products belonging to the LAB collection and the designers who have helped to shape these ambitious and unique projects.

Metal Bronze

13th September 2018
Metal Bronze: the latest addition to the Colorsuite® family
The particular reflections and nuances that characterize this product are obtained by applying a metal film to the surface: a design floor that aims to make a trend!

Home Sweet Home

Designed by Yiannis Ghikas

12th July 2018
Home is defined as the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.
This is the place where children spend almost exclusively the first years of their life, usually the place that they choose to depict at their first attempts to draw: a square with a triangle on the top.


27th June 2018
Treat yourself to a whole new sensory experience with UV oil surface finishes

Discover our UV oil finishes, a treatment that will give the surfaces an effect that will improve with time, spreading a feeling of warmth to the whole surrounding environment.


30th May 2018
Our goal is to create products that leave their mark and that are able to convey the company’s values.
With NUAGE we managed to achieve this goal: single elements that, once they are assembled, create a unique pattern.

The beauty and warm of the wood..on the wall!

16th May 2018

The experience thought us that there are no specific rules in the interior design world. We have always tried to think outside the box, offering our clients bold solutions and trying to combine tradition and innovation.


18th April 2018
We introduce you to NUTMEG, the new entry of our Colorsuite®!
An antiqued color that pairs perfectly with any interior, also with the most modern ones!


4th April 2018
Designer: Paolo Cappello
A single element infinitely repeated to create rooms where wood and unique design merge in a pattern that partners elegance and innovation.

Catalogue 2018

27th March 2018
We are very proud to introduce you to our new collection.
This year, for the realization of the new products, we took inspiration from our own history, putting all the knowhow we have acquiredin over 90 years at the service of our customers.

Colorsuite 2018

22nd November 2017
Menotti Specchia reinterprets wood and color.
Colorsuite® 2018 predicts the new trends and allows a complete customization of your parquet.

Processes for wood floor

19th September 2017 
Big solid impact, pleasantness and elegance

Give character to your wood floor.
Menotti Specchia enriches its processes selection.

The Hungarian-pattern parquet flooring reinvents itself

3rd October 2017
Menotti Specchia, in collaboration with Leonardo Balli, a young interior designer from Verona, revisits the Hungarian-pattern parquet flooring with a contemporary twist inspired by the Haussmannian buildings in Paris.

Patterned floors

25th July 2017
Classic and contemporary, with our patterned floors make your environment unique with charm and elegance.

Eucalyptus, not the usual Decking

28th June 2017
Warm color, big sensorial impact and delight for bare foot.
The Decking by Menotti Specchia decorates your outdoor spaces.


24th May 2017
Compass is the innovation in the world of wooden floor: the surface seems to move, as the asymmetrical rhombus shape of the slats creates a fascinating optical effect.
Designed by Paolo Cappello for Menotti Specchia.